Sunday, October 30, 2016

Unit 2 Math Test

Wow! We  finished Unit 2 in math last week. We spent Friday reflecting on our mastery (or not) of the unit 2 skills, reviewing, and playing some EDM math games. On Monday we will take a break from math to do a fun 'Maker' activity with our 5th grade team.  Then, on Tuesday we will do some more whole class, and small group review. Our assessment will be on Wednesday, November 2.  The following skills will be assessed.

  • Identify values of digits in a multi digit number. 
  • Write numbers in expanded form. MJ
  • Represent powers of 10 in exponential notation. MJ1
  • Explain patterns when multiplying by a power of 10.
  • Multiply with U.S. traditional multiplication. MJ1
  • Divide multi digit numbers. MJ1
  • Interpret a remainder in a division problem.

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