Saturday, May 6, 2017

SBAC Testing Next Week

A reminder to families that our class will be taking the SBAC tests next week. We are planning on testing Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a make up day. Most of these days will be double sessions with testing in both the morning and the afternoon. The students are allowed to bring sugarless gum or mints on the testing days. A few parents have also offered to bring in some snacks for the students... a big thanks to those parents. Each student will need a pair of earbuds. I have some here at school, however they are not as comfortable as some others out there.
This is a lot of testing for the students for one week!  Please try to make sure they get a lot of sleep next week. A good breakfast can also be very helpful to fuel them through the morning!
There will be no homework next week due to the testing.

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