Monday, September 11, 2017

Homework Expectations

  • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. However weekend homework may include finishing up unfinished class work.
  • Reading: Students will be expected to read a minimum of four nights per week for 30 minutes per night (or two hour per week). They will be given a Reading Log each Friday. Each evening they read, they should record the book title, how many pages they read, and how many minutes they read. The Reading Logs are due on Fridays.
  • A variety of genres is encouraged.
  • Quality books make it possible to practice strategies used in school.
  • Reading goal: six books per 12 week trimester (average book=150 pages)
  • Math will be given individually each day. It is meant to practice and reinforce the day’s lesson. If you find your child is struggling with it, he or she should stop and jot me a quick note on the sheet to let me know. Incomplete is fine if it is not understood. We will spend time on it together the next day. I don’t want there to be struggles at home!  Math computation and fact practice will also be a part of a student’s homework if necessary.
  • Spelling will be done in class, however extra practice is available on Spelling City.
  • Social Studies, Science, and Writing homework will be assigned occasionally, and may include unfinished class work.
  • Homework should take about 50 minutes per night. Students missing class work will have more.
  • If your child is struggling with an assignment, they should stop before getting too frustrated, and jot me a quick note. I will provide help the next day.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

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