Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Look Back at our Week

Here is a snapshot into last week in our classroom. Included in these pictures is some quiet writing time and a small group activity in which each table group determined the theme of a short story and discussed it with the class.

In addition to reading and writing, in math we have been exploring the volume of different three dimensional objects. We have been having fun learning and playing some of the EDM math games. We also continue to work on computation and math facts.

Our Friday afternoon challenge from the previous week involved trying to balance a 20 pound ream of paper on a single sheet of paper.  It had to be at least one inch off the table top.
It took a little while, but eventually each group was successful!

Our classroom reached our goal by exhibiting  great positive behavior and cooperation during the first few weeks of school. The students collected chips and filled the fish bowl in our classroom.  We then added our chips to the school's collection of chips in 'Oscar'. The school celebrated together with an assembly and a school wide extra recess on Friday afternoon.

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